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Product Range

Our Software modules - Customer, Waiter, Self-Service and Restaurant Management have all been meticulously designed to deliver a holistic customer experience, whilst driving restaurant profitability and objectives.

Contact-Free Order & Pay

Your guests order & pay using their own mobile device! 

With no upfront fees and only a small transaction processing charge, we can set your restaurant up with its own guest-facing ordering system.

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Customer Tablet Menu

Ordamo's digital, tablet-based menu will replace paper menus forever! You can now present your customers with an interactive ordering system that will provide valuable insights into their buying behaviours. The tablet-based menu can also be made to feature a digital customer feedback-form. Most importantly, it integrates seemlessly into your EPoS system!

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Management Platform

The restaurant management software is the central hub for all our products. Accessed through any PC or mobile device, managers can access front-of-house and customer analytics. They can also instantly edit menus, send promotional messages to customer’s digital menus, create marketing campaigns, delegate tables and message team members through their individual devices.

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The pinnacle in restaurant efficiency! Our self-service ordering module allows self-service customers to place food and drink orders through the digital menu, pay and leave, whilst also providing valuable feedback on their food and experience.

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Ordamo’s four software modules - customer, waiter, self-service and management, have all been meticulously designed to deliver a holistic customer experience, whilst driving restaurant profitability and objectives. For your customers, control of the dining experience is placed firmly in their hands, whilst supplying a platform to sign up to loyalty programs and provide feedback. The front-of-house team can monitor, manage and respond to customers efficiently through the waiter module. Furthermore, the Management Platform enables effective communication between front–of-house and customers, providing complete menu management and real-time analytics to effectively engage with customers long after they have left the restaurant.

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The Ordamo software is compatible with many android tablets. We recommend tablets that are small enough for your customers to handle with ease but large enough to ensure clear visibility of your menu. Anywhere between 7 inches and 15 inches should work well (depending on the style of your restaurant). However in order to best facilitate the solution, we provide our software on meticulously selected tablets. We work with industry leading manufacturers and distributors to deliver the optimum customer experience. The tablets connect to your existing Wi-Fi, providing a robust and seamless solution. For added piece of mind, we also offer an in-house server and can provide or recommend important peripherals such as charging racks and tablet holders.

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