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If your site is more of a self service style than a sit down restaurant, then boy have we got the product for you! Our self-service tablet ordering is the pinnacle in restaurant efficiency allowing for self-service customer ordering and payment.

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Imagine you enter a self service restaurant, and there are no servers but simply an attendee who is there to help the customers. As the customers enter, they see 6 tablets in front of them, alongside Payment Devices.

Each customer can browse the menu, select her dishes, and pay at the terminal. A ticket prints out which they hold onto, and they then join the queue for their meal which by the time they arrive at the counter is ready and prepared. They give the chef their ticket, and the chef gives them their meal. Seamless, super efficient service!

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The self-service ordering system is provided on 10 inch tablets and can be linked to your payment terminals.

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